martedì, luglio 17

StarTracks *Tape*

Cassettina del mese...

Spitfire (Prodigy) - I saw it on your keyboard (HelloGoodbye) - It’s only rock’n’roll (but I like Fooball) (Hirohisa Horie and Aiha Higura) - Satisfaction Guaranteed (RHW Love Affair) - Alarm Clock (The Rumble Strips) - I am the Unkonown (The Aliens) - The New E Blues (The Western States Motel) - Chinese Restaurant (Sarstedt Brothers) - His majesty rides (Josh Rouse) - Beat The Reaper (Laurie Styvers) - Bitches Ain't Shit (Ben Folds)

How on Earth (Ron Sexsmith) - I'm Waiting for the Day (Short Hair Front) - Hiding On The Staircase (New Young Pony Club) - Skin Deep (Cindy) - Check a La (Salon Music) - Come see me (The Pretty Things) - Don't Bother Me (The Blakes) - Kids on Jelly (Boys & Girls Togather) - A boy like me (Patrick Wolf) - Cherish (Nina Simone) - Vladimir and Gabriel (Private Eleanor) - Songs of Love (Ben Folds) - Finders Keepers (Losers Weeper) (Nella Dodds) - Queen Of The Good Times (Ewan Stephens)

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federico ha detto...

Ci sono delle perle mica da poco! ;) Buongustaio!

Zonda ha detto...