giovedì, gennaio 15


"Hey everyone.

So that's it, i moved.. it took me a long time to sort out my visa and ... my life...! but i'm finally enjoying LA sun everyday .
Being a vegan in LA is like being in heaven ... i'm now fatening myself with vegan fake "chicken" wings, as if i needed that ! and a lot of vegan chocolate peanut butter donuts, yummy!

My record is taking ages to finish .. coz i have no more money ..
so i can't update new songs coz they're not finished recording yet ..
i thought i'd update a lot a video with new songs instead... so you can still hear what it sound like with my band too !

Sometimes music drives me crazy... it's so hard .. people are so much just about money and career, which is the opposite of what i aim for.. why should art be an industry ..? i'm missing acting a lot .. it's way more easy ( though even more of an industry, which i blame too ).. but serving a project and helping people is way more what i'm about, having a solo project is the hardest thing ever...
i think after this record, i might just want to play in bands.. at least i won't be so lonely facing adversity..


Bisous, SoKo"

... non mollare!

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e. ha detto...

no ma speriamo che poi ci ripensi e non lo finisca proprio il disco, e finisca a fare la commessa nel negozio di ali di pollo vegane sotto il sole di L.A. ....

20nd ha detto...

Potrebbe essere il testo di una canzone dei Ben Folds :D

e. ha detto...

Ben Folds Fails

Valido ha detto...

Sono a favore dell'idea di Soko in una band, a patto che le canzoni le scriva e le canti qualcun altro

20nd ha detto...

@ Ebo: una delle mie band preferite

@ Valido: Supersimpatia.