lunedì, marzo 19


Più che uno stato d'animo, la mia colonna sonora per spostamenti a 4 ruote per Aprile Dolce Dormire. Che non aspettatevi miracoli, ma proprioo quel mese tocco quota 33.

Lato A: theme from young at heart (stuart staples & dave boulter) - work to do (america) - fire fire (asha ali) - I drive my friend (Frida Hyvönen) - this is love (archies) - hideaway (olivia tremor controll) - requiem (m.ward) - I can do without you (kaiser chiefs) - I?ll be your lampshade (beulah)not your baby (the april skies) - no cars go (arcade fire) mary, mungo and midge (stuart staples & dave boulter) - way back into love (hugh grant + cora corman) - piece of me (menswear)

Lato B: do me good (keith moon) - mongoloid (popchor berlin) - showtime (the undisputed truth) - bubblegum boy (lollobrigidas) - he knows the sun (the legends) - allegria senza fine (3 allegri ragazzi morti) - long island ice tea (underwater tea party) - blinded by the light (manfred mann's earth band) - don?t worry baby (keith moon) - pop! goes my heart (pop) - you?ve got a friend (carole king) - you and me song (the wannadies)

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